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Komodo-Flores Komodo Island Trekking tour to see Komodo wild life Animals on Komodo Island with Tour Local Guide On Komodo Island There are Tour Package Komodo speed boat tour,Komodo cruise boat tour, Daily boat Komodo tour,


Flores-Komodo: Flores Island tour visit Three color Lake Kelimutu Lake in Center Flores Island the Main tour , Visit Many type houses on Every Traditional village around Flores Island whice belong to 8 Region Around hold Flores Island in Local

Komodo Tours

Komodo Tours
Komodo Tours  Komodo Dragon Island The Big Island to Trekking See Wild Life Animals Komodo Dragon Varanus Komodo Big Lizards Yhe Only Found Komodo National Park Island , Include Best Popular Snorkeling And Diving side Pink Beac

Flores Tours

Flores tours
Flores Tours Flores Island tour Package Service From Bali And Labuan Bajo Flores Indonesia,Flores Island Tour Kelimutu Lake Komodo Island Tours : Komodo Boat Tour, Komodo Speed boat Tour, Komodo Rinca speed boat tour From

Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu lake
Kelimutu Lake Day 1. Labuan Bajo Hotel-Rice Web-Ruteng Program At 07.00 Am get on Car Tour then Starting the tour to make first stop at Mirror stone Cave to see inside the Cave , From Cave continue to Lembor Biget Rice field area in Flores Island.see

Komodo Speed boat

Komodo Speed boat

Komodo Speed boatAt 07.00 Am Get On Faster Boat to Komodo Island where will spend 45 Minutes to rich The Island Komodo Island, But you will Enjoy Panorama on the way to the Island with so Many Island And Beach And See Dolpin Plaing Surounding Your Boat When flate good Wheather After  Enjoy Views during tour to Komodo You will arrive on Komodo Island Harbor Then Continue take Short Walk to Ranger Office to Pay Entrance Tickets And Ranger Fee .

After Pay your Entrance Ticket Meet Ranger your Local Guide who come from Komodo Village How ever they Know more About Komodo National Park Island And Animals on The Island. Ranger will Explain more about Komodo Dragon Island include te Wild Life Animals Komodo Dragon and Other Animals And Birds .

There are Specilal Treck area to see the Animals and Birds , where there Is Water area suplay enough for the  Animals Drinks Every Day , thise is the Reasson whay take and used special treck to see the Wild Life Animals here.Please follow the Guide Ranger Instruction during trekking to make more safe and more easy to see Komodo Dragon , Other Animals And Birds.

After go walk around the island Return to Ranger Houses Near Ranger Office to see if thhere are some Komodo Dragon and Wild Deers , Wild Pigs and Oter Animals Come to te Ranger Kitchen to get Food like Dray Fish thoy from Ranger when they Cooke Every Day , Most Komodo Dragon Come on the Kitchen whhic Large Komodo Dragon .

At 012.30 Pm we go back to Speed boat to Continue ttour to Pink Beach , spend 5 Minutes to the Beac And then Enjoy Relaxing And Snorkeling on Shalow see Water with minimmum 2 Metters Deeep Only to See so Many Kind of Fishes Corrall Reeff Fishes And some Turtle And Big Tuna ,Baracuda And More Kind Of Fishes will found it on your Snorkeling here.

Lunch Time Service On Faster Boat wit Fried Noodle SeaFood And Soft Drinks And Fruits Come on Your Lunch Box Prepaire From Labuan Bajo Restaurant. And the After Lunch Continue Relaxing and Snorkeling on Pink Beach Untill late in the Afternoon time.

At 03.30 Pm We Return to Labuan Bajo Harbor And Continue wit Car Service to Transfer to Your Hotel Stay In Labuan Bajo Town. BUT If your Plainning to Return to Bali and spend te nigt on Bali otels We reccommend to Get Last Fligt Service From Komodo Airport In  Labuan Bajo At 019 Pm with Garuda Airline. So we drop you by Car from Harbor After Komodo Dragon Island tour.


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