Rinca island tour

Rinca Island tour

Rinca Island tourRinca Island tour visit Rinca Island to do trekking on Rinca Island where are more interest the island because so Many small Komodo dragon and other wild life Animals Like Buffalo,Deer,Monkeys,Horse on your trekking trail with Max. 5 Km trekking and Min. 3 Km with Ranger Local Guide from Rinca Village and Flores Island.Rinca Island is Near the island on Komodo National park island to See wild life Komodo dragon and other Aimals From west Flores Island Labuan Bajo and Bali Because spend Only 2 Hour by Local tourist boat and Also do snorkeling after Rinca Island trekking .Most People visit Rinca Island Because more Easy to see Komodo dragon on Trekking and also On Ranger Kitchen.Rinca boat tour,Rinca speed boat tour and Overnight boat tour Private and Sharing tour are doing from Labuan Bajo every day.