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Sulawesi Island Tour

Sulawesi Island tourSulawesi Island Tour While it stands out as one of the beautiful regions in South Sulawesi, it is undoubtedly the third tourist destination in Indonesia after Java and Bali. Tana Toraja is thought to be one of the most breath taking terrains in Sulawesi and as well as Indonesia. Your Toraja tour will surely be worth the miles journey because on top of everything else, there is absolutely nothing like watching a sunrise from Gunung Sesean.  The village is surrounded by mountains, tombs, lush greenery and rice paddies. The village has their distinctive Tongkonans which is a traditional ancestral house shaped like a boat where the deceased are often kept and cared for. The Toraja language is only spoken, since there is no writing system you will find carvings on wood that have special names in symbols.