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www.komodo-florestours.com: Komodo island tour , Rinca island tour and Flores island tour.Komodo Island Tours Service : Komodo Speed boat tour , Komodo Cruise boat tour , Komodo Rinca speed boat , One Day Boat and Speed boat tour and cruise boat tour And Also Rinca Island Tour package service to visit Komodo dragon on Trekking the near by island on Komodo National park island From labuan Bajo town and Harbor , From Flores Island tour And Also from Bali Island Hotel and airport


Komodo Island Tour big island on Komodo National Park Island . Komodo island and Rinca island tour by One Day Boat Tour , One Night on Cruise boat tour , Speed boat tour . Komodo-Flores Tours Agent Arrange Tour Include Flores Island Tours visit : Three color lake of Kelimutu lake , Flores traditional village , Flores Hot spring from Volcono Mountain in Active , Flores Nature , flores Culture around the Island and People Living Traditiona and Histories . Combine Tour visit Komodo and Flores Island tours more interesting to do on Holidays to Komodo National Park and Flores Island


Flores Island the island on Leser Sunda Island and Flores island is more Interesting island to Visit Because there are more Traditional Village on Every Region with differen Culture ans Tradition . Every Region has own Type of Traditional House Build by Local people with Historical.Hot spring from Volcano Mountain around of Flores island , Nature and Culture And Three Color lake of Kelimutu Lake the main point tour Visit Flores Island . To visit Flores island can be from Bali and west Flores After visit Komodo National Park Island tour.


Rinca Island Tour visit Komodo Dragon on Komodo National Park island , Near by Komodo Dragon island from Flores and Labuan bajo west Flores harbor . Komodo Dragon population nearly same total of Population on Komodo Island and aslo more active on Rinca Island Because there are more Easy to see small Komodo dragon and other Animasl the on Komodo island. On Rinca Island there are more Nest of Female To Lie the Eggs from September Every year and up to March next year to be Baby Dragon . See other wild Animals is more interest on Rinca island during Trekking time .

Komodo Tours

Komodo Island Tour visit : Komodo island trekking tour By Komodo cruise boat tour , Komodo speed boat tour ,Komodo Rinca speed boat tour and Overnight cruise boat tour to visit Komodo island trekking tour , Pink beach snorkeling , Kalong Komodo Flying Dogs , Manta Rays snorkeling tour and Rinca island trekking tour.

Flores Tours

Flores Island tours visit Kelimutu lake , Flores traditional village , Hot spring,Rice field and Flores-Komodo Tour .Flores Island tour visit : Three coor lake of Kelimutu lake , Flores Traditional village : Bena Traditional village , Jopu traditional village , Wae Rebo Traditional village on West part of Flores Island..

Rinca Tours

Rinca island tour : Rinca island is the second island home of Komodo Dragon the large Faranus Komodoensis the island near by west Flores island and more easy to see and visit from Labuan bajo town and aslo for quict tour service to visit both two island Flores island and Komodo National park island of Rinca island..

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